14 Sep

Is it true that people who don’t have a real social life turn to online socializing? Perhaps. At least in my case this has to be true. I have been on Orkut for atleast two years now. I have deleted my accounts and recreated them upon requests from friends. Yet Orkut itself has become quite boring for me. I recently signed up for a MySpace account only to regret in leisure. It was more like MySpacelessness. I have made only one good friend on that site. However I got to see a lot of pornography on it, even unintentionally. The interface was hopelessly congested and advertisements swallowed all of my space (pun intended.)

Previously I had a hi-5 account but it was so full of losers and nude people popping up on my home page from nowhere, that I quit. Even quitting required that I send a mail to the customer support. It was too chaotic a site for me.Yet when I visited it last,  a lot of ajax had been added and it had made navigation a lot better.
Another site Fropper could have called itself Flopper.

So that is where my socializing stood. Amid all this however, one site caught my attention. is the site. I cannot yet say it is a top-class site for socializing but it certainly has a number of features that make it a Web 2.0 wonder. To  be honest, I am yet to add a single person to my friends list on this site because I have no clue how to go about it. Too many complicating links. Yet I must say, it is a promising site.

Perhaps they should not have pitched themselves up as a socializing website. They seem to specialize more in social music sharing. It is certainly their unique selling proposition.

When you sign up, the site gives you your own blog.The blog editor has an intuitive interface and is easy to use. The site gives you the ability to upload 100mb worth content onto your site every month. You can get a Pro membership if you want to upload unlimited content. It costs $24.90/year for a Pro account. The basic account of course is free.

Faces allows you to upload music and convert them into tunefeeds. This is the most innovative feature in Faces. Tunefeeds are similar to podcasts but the cool thing is, you can save them and manage them with an in-built filemanager.

You can listen to others’ tunefeeds with a tunefeed player. The streaming is very good even if your connection is slow. There is also the option to make your blog and music private.

Faces gives you tools to upload music straight from your desktop.

You can also upload photos and create slideshows which you can share with friends. Then, there are the regular features like a message box to receive mails from friends in your network.

The thing I like best about Faces, is very trivial actually. The buttons. It is one site which is psychedelically coloured and thoroughly keeps you clicking. šŸ˜‰

Try it and tell me! šŸ™‚

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