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17 Sep

Note: This is a post from my previous blogger blog The Eleventh which I have deleted. The post can also be found here at Wond’ring Aloud.

Hey all.. I found a nice method to create categories on blogger. It
involves some hard work especially if you have a huge blog already
because you have to manually put each post in a category. I’ll tell you
how I went about it. I certainly got inspiration from some material I read but I kind of improvised on it.

Get an account at

Install the small application called extension for firefox.
You can get it here Extension for Firefox

Click on Install V.1.1 now. (Firefox 1.07 or newer required)

After installation, close your browser and open it again. Now open
your blog. Right-click on each post link or permalink (most blog
templates provide title links to a post). If this is too tedious go to Google site map generator
and generate the links for all the posts on your site. It generates
permalinks for the posts in the month from the archive links too.
However, this involves typing the titles of the posts again.

A new option named “Tag this link” would appear on the right-click
menu with a delicious icon. Click on it. Add a Tag according to the

Accordingly you can create tags named Mathematics, Art, Literature,
Books and so on. Remember to keep this delicious account specially for
your blog posts alone. You can tag every post in this fashion.

Another method to tag them would be from the “View” option in your
Blogger Dashboard list of posts but it is difficult because this too
does not add the post name automatically. You have to type it out.
Instead you can tag them from your blog itself. I used the search
option in the blogger nav bar for quicker access to what I remembered
would belong to a certain category. Accordingly I accessed all my poems
from memory for the “Poems” category(tag) After tagging all your posts
you’ll have all the tags on delicious with the number of posts
mentioned next to them.

Go here – Tag rolls
and choose the number of tags you want to display (size) colour and size of the fonts. Select the tag count check box.

I have removed the title from the script and added my sidebar heading instead.(title and icon)

The above method works for Firefox users. I am not sure if there is a tag tool for IE.

Try it on your blog. )

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