Filesharing through Netvibes

20 Sep

I use two modules at netvibes for file uploads and sharing.

The peerfactor module uploads the song to a certain location and provides you with a link from which your friends can download your file.

Add Peerfactor Module to Netvibes

During upload…

After upload…

You can use my link to download the song Gin Soaked Boy by Divine Comedy The Usendit Module mails your file to a specific email address within seconds.

Add Usendit Module to Netvibes

After you click “Send it” you will be redirected to the Yousendit site where you will be given information on your file’s location. In case your friend fails to receive the file, you can give this link to him/her.

You can use my link to download a cute picture. 🙂

Happy filesharing through netvibes!

Note: I am not sure of the number of days my two files will be available. Please let me know in case there are some dead links. Thank you! 🙂

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Posted by on September 20, 2006 in Utilities


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