MIT OpenCourseWare

24 Sep


Are you a student or a lecturer in a college who is looking for good class notes and study material to help guide you? Are you looking for self learning programmes through which you can learn about new concepts in various fields or reinforce the fundamentals of some science, or mathematical technique? Are you looking for interesting ideas and theories in literature, art or for “further reading” books in various subjects? If so, MIT OpenCourseWare is a web resource that you should definitely look into. It is an online course material website, which has published around 1400 courses, in various fields ranging from the sciences, through engineering, art, literature and many more fields. MIT is well known as one of the world’s best universities in engineering, technology and science courses, and some of MIT’s initiatives are being followed by some other prominent universities, both inside the US and outside it, like universities in China.

My experience with MIT OCW’s course notes has been memorable, since their collection of course notes have helped me understand many aspects of aerodynamics, aeronautics and structural engineering, which I needed to learn in detail for certain projects on the job. Apart from these areas (and other engineering subjects), my friend and the other poster on this blog, Phoenix, comments that the courses in literature and psychology are well compiled and interesting and informative.

I think that distributing knowledge freely is one certain way to encourage students to embark on higher learning. This free course ware would also help people discover the things they want to study and perhaps lend focus to one’s career or academic interests. I feel that anyone who is interested in educating themselves on the job, should really consider visiting MIT’s OCW website and downloading the course notes of the subjects which they need to gain proficiency in. It worked for me, on my job. Needless to say, students will find this collection of course notes very useful. I wish I had had such course notes for some courses during my college degree!

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