Better Fonts

26 Sep

A friend referred me to this superb fonts site called Better Fonts.

The site calls itself user-friendly, and that is precisely what it is. The site lists over 10000 free fonts for viewing and downloading. Usually fonts sites are cumbersome to navigate through, and previews are either unavailable or misleading. Clicking on one link could take us to another site altogether. Advertisements litter the pages and you generally have a hard time before you find a font you were looking for (which is unlikely) or before you settle for something lesser.

Better Fonts is better in so many ways because it shows a direct and immediate preview of every font. There are very for all types of documents, listed in alphabetical order. There are some interesting fonts like A Bug’s Life and A Picture Alphabet. Navigation is a breeze.

This is the interface of the site.

Clicking a font from the list on the left will display its preview on
the right. You can change the  preview text as well. After this, if you
wish to download the font, you can immediately do so from the link given

Go ahead and download your favourite fonts now! 🙂

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Posted by on September 26, 2006 in Reviews, Utilities


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