MS-Word Building Blocks

28 Feb

My job involves using 30 different types of tables repeatedly across a document. I usually have a source document from which I copy each table template and paste it into the document I’m working on. Recently, I was trying to find a better way to do this. I thought I should record a macro for each table and save it as a button. However, Word 2007 allows for very little customization of the ribbon (without some complicated VB scripting etc.) and that’s when I stumbled upon Building Blocks.

If you have objects (tables, drawings, paragraphs, pictures) that you need to repeatedly paste into a document, you can also use the following method. I have demonstrated with a table as an example:

1. Open a new word document.

2. Copy and paste the template table for ST1 into the new document.

3. Select the entire table (or object).


4. Press ALT+F3

5. A box named “Create New Building Block” will open up. Select the options shown in the image below and click Ok.


Note: You can also add the table to any other category which you think might be easier for you to access.

6. Repeat the steps for all the tables or objects you use frequently.

7. To insert the table or object, go to Insert -> Table -> Quick Tables and select on the table you want to insert.

8. Voila! 🙂

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