Digital Letter

26 Sep

There are those times in life when you need to send someone a handwritten letter. This is a close substitute.

You can use PowerPoint to make this.

1. Download a paper background or texture.

You can use something from this link: 200-high-quality-free-paper-textures-to-grab

2. Download a handwritten font and install it. (Drag and drop the downloaded file into the Fonts folder in your Control Panel) 

You can choose a font from this page: 50-free-handwritten-fonts-for-web-designers-and-logo-artists

3. Open Powerpoint and insert the paper texture as a picture.

4. Insert a text box and select your handwritten font.

5. Type your message.

6. You can add other elements from the following links:
Peachie’s Collection of Cute Stuff

Digital Scrapbooking Embellishments

You can also add autoshapes, photos, and other details such as word art or seasonal elements.

7. After completing your design, press CTRL+A to select all the elements, right-click and select Save As Picture.

8. Save your image and send it to your friend by email or print it out and give it to them.

Try making one for your grandma… she will love it! 🙂


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